winter skin care tips

it is advisable to use lukewarm water to wash your face or shower,as hot water is known to dry and soak up any moisture in your skin after a shower ,ensure you apply a moisturize that contain hyaluronic acid and ceramides to prevent dryness and to keep the moisture  in your skin intact.

make sure you change skincare your products as per the season ,what might be suitable foe summer might dry out your skin during   the is essential to choose cleansers that contain moisturizers to prevent stripping off your natural moisture barrier present in your  skin  Avoid using any skin care product that contain alcohol as it could dry out your skin.

During the winter, your skin barriers are already endangered due to the dry and chilled weather, which is why it is essential to avoid exfoliating your skin too often as it could damage and dry your sensitized skin.

Although the sun’s rays are not that harsh due to the cold weather,there are still harmful UV rays that you have to protect your skin from,so do not forget to protect your skin with a good pair of sunscreen and sunglasses.

winter skin care tips


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