You just launched your blog.

Building up your readership takes time. You need to create lots of content so it opens up more inroads to your blog via search, establish credibility as a reputable source of information, and take other steps necessary to actually build your audience .


Your blog content isn’t optimized for search.

one of the reasons blogging is such an effective inbound marketing tool is its direct tie to search. Because each blog post you publish is another page to get indexed in search engines, the more blog content you create, the more opportunities you have to get found by searchers.


You’re not promoting your blog.
Promote your blog posts in social media,
And what about on your website? Do you have a link to your blog in the main navigation of your site? Can you include links to posts on other pages of your site where appropriate to serve as helpful resources for your visitors?

You’re not encouraging email subscription.

Once you get these new readers to your blog, you want them to stick around, ? The best way to do this is to get them to subscribe, particularly via email, since email subscribers get notifications directly to their inbox when new content is available on your blog.
subscribers, while still valuable, have the liberty of being a bit more passive, since it’s up to them to check their reader on their own to learn about your new content.

Your content isn’t valuable to your target audience.

valuable content is content that satisfies your target audience’s needs, interests, or questions. So how do you know what your target audience’s needs, interests, and questions are? By knowing what makes those people tick, you’ll have a much better understanding of the types of content you can create to appeal to them. And as a result, There are some reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing.


Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing


Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing

Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing


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