Why the Way You Feel Depends on You

We are taught to control and fix outer circumstances in order to feel inner peace, but it’s the other way around. Look within to know your thoughts about your circumstances. What are you fighting, resisting, letting prolong, trying to control so you will feel differently? Once you shine the light of awareness onto your thoughts, you realize that your thinking is the reason you feel the way you feel. Change the thinking, to change the feeling.

Yes, you can! If something is upsetting you, the worst thing you can do is let it drown you. It won’t help change how you feel. Think of a thought that feels good to you in that moment.
I always rely on gratitude to uplift my vibe and thinking. It works every time. I am grateful for my breathe — this is my favorite go to statement as it connects me to the present moment.

We are programmed to always look at what’s wrong, what is not working? We complain about our weight, job, friends, money, weather, clothes, etc. By always talking about what is wrong, we give our power away. Then, all we notice in our life is all that is wrong. We take our power back by focusing on what is good because when we focus on what is good — we feel good!

I realized that by healing my thinking — I could heal my life. I began to do things that allowed me to feel some relief — even if that meant taking a long walk while listening to my favorite song. The fog began to lift as I questioned my thoughts, why I keep thinking them and how they make me feel. I also started incorporating daily meditation which really helped me to feel a sense of ease and stability as I started to become present and available for myself.


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