When my bff became my grandmother

Shrutika:-hey Anjali its very nice and I am so happy meeting u after months I still remember our graduation days spent in this flat of yours.
Anjali:- yup! dear.. and even I am happy to see u, I don’t like leaving this hostel flat, earlier I was using it as a student and now I use it as a working girl.U know my mom is forcing me to get married now, she says you have a good job now why keep waiting, its the right time for you to get settled.
Shrutika:  ya even aunty is right but have you meet any guy till now
Anjali:   mom was looking boys in Satara, but I convenced her I want some1 in Pune, she said we hardly know any 1 in Pune, so I made my profile in  SHAADI.COM  pretending like my mom has made the profile, I even have a date this evening at cafe Baristaa, but I need your help yaar look at this hairs of mine they are so frizzy, I wish I should have a hair texture like yours.

Shrutika:  Y always do like this, you are so punctual but you never take care of your hairs even earlier. come let me surprise I have my new Vega hair straightener and you are lucky I am carrying it right now, Let me help you out to get your hairs straightened.It’s easy to use and straightens hairs in minutes. and next time keep them moist and also start using this Vega combs set they come with broader bristles and are very soft on the scalp, next time whenever I would visit you I want to see your dressing table with only Vega hair accessories.

Shrutika: look your hairs are so soft and straightened let me take a picture of them to show you from behind, and you are ready for your date now. all the best.

Anjali: thanks babes! you remind me of my grandmother she always use to take care of my hairs. and I am happy as my bff (best friends forever)is like my grandmother……


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