Tips For Having More Effective Week


Here are some ways to make week more productive, they are:

1. Focus On A Single Task

If you have two things to be done. You have to complete first thing and after this do your second thing.You can also precise your work.


2. Learn To Say “no”: 

If you say no it can’t save your time and also saves you from problems. It also saves your life.


3. Get It Out Of The Way:

Tackle first thing so that you can save your energy. After doing this you will feel relax in that day.


4. Become Vulnerable:

Everything is easy when you concentrate on that thing. If you are in the condition of criticism you have to do thing carefully.


5. Play The Comparison Game:

Compare your productivity plan to others and learn from their achievements. You have to copy good habits of others.


6. Complete Is Better Than Perfect:

Practice for excellence is a noble goal and obsessive nature is the ultimate enemy of productivity.


7. Star Early:

If you start some thing, you have to complete it early. Take care of personal issues.


8. Schedule Down Time:

You can work hard and can play hard. But don’t mix the two. You have to work by being serious but take break after doing work. Because of break you and your brain will fill relax.


9. Take “Do Not Disturb” Time:

You have to work without any disturbance. Ninety nine percent things can wait until you’re done with your focused work.


10. Work In Intervals:

Doing work continue is impossible for every person. Therefore take a short break, so that you can do work full day. A good rule is to work 25 minutes, then give yourself a break for five minutes.




Tips For Having More Effective Week

Tips For Having More Effective Week


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