1.  A perfume to keep me feeling fresh and to not be caught smelling weird on a rainy day.

2. Wipes and Tissues come in handy if you get stuck in a muddy puddle or have rain droplets spoil your makeup.

3. Fabric choices – This season demands easy drying , comfy clothes so choose fabrics like Cotton , Sheer fabrics , khadi & linen.

4 .  Opt for colourful and printed umbrellas to the dullness of the weather.

5.  Relax the feet Monsoon fashion in terms of footwear is even relaxed one . The muddy roads , water all over the path ways can’t be handled by heel. For  comfortable season perfect you yet stylish footwear should be bang on with flip flops, flat sandals or switch to trendy sneakers .

6.  Keeping everything safe yet flaunt your style this monsoon by opting for nylon and transparent bags. This will keep all your valuables secure and dry when it rains. Moreover, it will be handier along with prepping up your style game.

7.  In the rainy season, skin care is very essential.

When it comes to makeup, light and natural looks are ideal to prevent your skin from getting sticky.
“Get your hands on gel-based foundations and concealers as they will make your face look hydrated and even toned.

Opt for light shades in matte lipsticks and not very dark ones . You can use The Ultimate Monsoon Fashion Guide in monsoon.
because it may leave marks during the .


The Ultimate Monsoon Fashion Guide


The Ultimate Monsoon Fashion Guide

The Ultimate Monsoon Fashion Guide


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