The Top 5 Cool Things To Buy

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo is a voice-activated personal assistant that allows you to control different aspects of your day-to-day life with simple voice commands. Powered by Amazon’s “Alexa” voice-activated cloud service, you can ask Echo to do things like: Play music,
Update your schedule,
Check the weather,
Check the score of your favorite team’s game,
Virtually anything else you might need.

DJI Phantom Drone V2.0
DJI is one of the top brands in the emerging drone market for two main reasons:

Their drones are highly efficient (giving you more flight time.)
The Phantom V2.0 is DJI’s most popular model as it’s both reasonably priced and packed with features.

Dream Spa Color Changing LED Shower Head

Dream Spa created the ultimate LED shower head that’s both beautiful and highly functional.

The shower head glows a different color based on the temperature of the water:

Flashing red=too hot

Here’s the best part:
The LED lights are run by an internal power-generating turbine so you’ll never need to change batteries.

EC Technology Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard.

Sync the EC Technology Bluetooth keyboard to your smartphone or tableT and you can instantly use a full keyboard in place of your device’s small, constrictive keyboard. When you’re done using it, fold it up and put it back in your pocket (it’s around 6” x 4” when folded).

Fujikam Video Surveillance System
Fujikam gives you peace of mind when you leave the house without the wallet-breaking price of most home-surveillance systems.

The Fujikam camera has a long list of powerful features like:

  • One million pixel high-def video
    Remote pan and tilt functions
    Motion-activated sensors
    12 IR LEDs for night vision capability
    Digital zoom

And here’s the best part:

The entire system only takes about 30 minutes to set up.

The Top 5 Cool Things To Buy



The Top 5 Cool Things To Buy

The Top 5 Cool Things To Buy


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