Stages Of Life We Should Know


Here are some stages of life, they are:

Stage I: Play, Imitation And Education

The first stage in life focuses on the education of people. In this stage we create ways for living life. We can stop in this stage if we are unable to approve the need of others. The stage of our life is dependent on others for survival. We eat, sleep and breathe in our life.  Our mind is at peace while the brain develops. In this stage we pick up skills and abilities.



Stage II: Self-Discovery, Enterprise And Adventurousness

If the child has grown, then he should try to understand the skills throughout the initial stage of life. There should be focus on exploration, endeavor, and self-discovery. The people should get the knowledge in different disciplines. The adulthood is the longest phase in the human life cycle. The young adult explores some thing in their life.



Stage III: Dedication, Observation And Benevolence

This stage is started when the people start to increase their responsibilities. The people of this stage will face some challenges, financial pressures and so on. In this stage you have to keep your own home and there should be a life partner in your life. It is the time to settle down. Your independence, exploration, and freedom are replaced when you wish to start a family. In this stage we take a number of responsibilities, not only for ourselves but also for others.



Stage IV: Retirement, Wisdom And Sacrifice

In this stage the individual reaches towards wisdom and benevolence. After retirement Many person make important contributions for society. The contribution of the people brings the advancement of society. They feel that if we are wise then the generation which have to come will also wise.



Stages Of Life We Should Know



Stages Of Life We Should Know

Stages Of Life We Should Know


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