Special features of a new Windows 10

Special features of a new Windows 10

In order to improve the daily multitasking activities, the latest Windows 10 has launched the latest and amazing features. Let us know some about them.

Link Android phone with Windows 10 PC:

With the help of your mobile phone apps, you can link your android phone with windows 10 computer or laptops. With this, one can send and receive the text and pictures between your phone and computer. To connect your computer with mobile devices, this technology has found very easy and useful.

When you put windows 10 in dark mode then you will get fun at file explorer:

Nowadays dark themes are in trend. It is often found that the dark theme is suitable for the eyesight for those who are having a vision issue. On the other hand, many people found it a new and fresh look. This also makes the file explorer more fun and loving.

Windows 10 will let you know how much battery power of your Bluetooth has:

It is a little bit similar to that of Apple’s Mac OS. This feature will help you to know about the battery power of your Bluetooth devices. This is a very useful feature.

Without any efforts or enlarging font size, it makes the text readable:

Now without taking any extra help or effort, one can change the text features with these windows 10. If you want to keep the windows 10 interface small, at that time one can read the text easily. This is helpful for high-resolution display.

One can watch the Windows 10 timeline on their mobile phone:

This is one of the features of Windows 10 which takes a data record of which file and web you have visited. Now Android users can install Microsoft launcher app and can access this timeline on their mobile phone.

Get to know which apps are consuming more battery in a laptop:

This feature will let you know that Windows 10 laptop’s which app is consuming more battery power and how much the life of battery remains. Windows 10 will provide you with the feature of destroying such apps.

Provides a feature of copy/paste the text and pictures from one computer to other:

Windows 10 already keep the record of your data with the help of clipboard. This includes text and images. Without paste, it will provide the multiple copy facility.

HDR Display and Raytracing technology support:

The HDR has been designed in such a versatile way that whatever content it supports it will add the better contrast and color with such contents. Mostly windows 10 are comfortable with a high-end HDR display, but the new windows 10 version is compatible with the Raytracing technology of Nvidia.

The new feature for screenshot:

If you press shift and S button from windows key then it will let you capture the screenshots or any shape of free form screenshot. And then it will directly be saved on your clipboard.




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