Skills For Professionals


There are some trending skills for software engineers, marketers, sales professionals and finance professionals, they are

1. Software Engineer

(a) Python: It is a programming language used for software development and data analysis

(b) Java: It is a programming language.

(c) JavaScript: It is also a programming language which is used for interactive web design.


2. Marketing

(a) Digital Marketing: To advertise products or services through search engines, websites, social media and mobile apps

(b) Web Development: It is used to develop website or application

(c) SQL: It isĀ  a programming language used for managing databases.

(d) Google Ads: It is online advertising platform.


3. Sales

(a) Sales Skills: Communication skills to facilitate a business transaction.

(b) Excel: It is a spreadsheet program used for calculations, graphs and statistical analysis.

(c) Leadership: Providing guidance to employees of organization.

(d) Public Speaking: Communication information through a presentation.


4. Finance

(a) Financial analysis: Company financial data are used for recommendations

(b) Leadership: In any organization there is a leader according to categories of work to guide other employees.



Communication Skills For Professionals



Communication Skills For Professionals

Skills For Professionals


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