Dry skin

Dry and itchy skin can be a normal phenomenon in people who sit in AC indoors for too long. Excessive exposure to AC along with sun exposure can make the skin dry and itchy. Your skin might return to normal after a few hours of being outside, but dry skin might actually stay for longer than usual.


Rates of dehydration are higher in rooms with AC as compared to other rooms. In case the AC sucks too much humidity from the room, you will end up feeling dehydrated. Think of the time when AC is set at a low temperature and you’re feeling too cold and feel the need to drink water.

How does sleeping in a room with an air conditioner affects your health.

 Low temperature can lead to muscle contractions, headaches and backaches.
When your body stays in temperatures that are below its liking, it develops pain in the joints and muscles which may become rheumatic over a period of time. If the situation gets severe, such pains can develop into arthritis.

Breathing issues:

Too much usage of air conditioner causes breathing issues in a person. This artificial air exposure makes the person short of breath and might lead to breathing problems as well. Besides this, a room with an air conditioner on throughout becomes a hay place for bacteria and fungi. So there is a possibility of infections as well. You have to understand Side Effects Of AC in Your Body Health.

Infectious diseases.


Side Effects Of AC in Your Body Health


Side Effects Of AC in Your Body Health

Side Effects Of AC in Your Body Health


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