Hello, I m Sanika age 26,
I am born and brought up in New Delhi,
being an MBA student in marketing, I was a very active sales manager in my company,

my senior team members always appreciated and liked my work, my senior most project

manager Shrushti (name changed) is always supportive she always mention that Sanika

never needs any product knowledge, she is hard working and likes to create her stuff on her own.

I just love all these compliments that I get for my work, as I am good at my work for the first time

in my career, I was given the opportunity of the new range of products launch of our client
in the north India sector, it was a good opportunity and I was sure that I would get to learn a lot

from this, but I was also very nervous my seniors motivated me and as I am the only child to my parents

even they were eager to let me grab all these opportunities. I still remember it was a chilled night of December 2018.

I along with my 2 colleagues Shrushti and a male colleague Girish ( name changed) left at 7:30 pm from Delhi airport

we reached Chandigarh by 8:45 pm, it was very frosty night temperature was around 6-7 degree, both of my senior colleagues

wanted to have some whiskey, and I was damn sure this time they are not going to leave me dry throat, I never tasted the alcohol

in my entire life not even in office parties, but I was pretty sure I was not going to be spared, even I wanted to have a taste of it so

that I could feel warm, to my surprise I had 3 pegs, yes that’s what they call it 3 pegs, I was down, not knowing what’s happening

around me, I only remember one sentence of Shrushti do not receive calls from home, anyone from your voice can recognize that

you are very drunk. I was continuously laughing and was eager to share my college stories with them though they were not

paying any attention. I along with Shrushti shared a room and Girish stayed in one room, we were having drinks in his room,

after some time nearly around 10:30 Shrushti left for the room. and asked me to join, but Girish replied to let her stay here

for some time she would like to have one more drink with me don’t know even I nodded as yes, after this last drink I was so

high that I literally fall asleep at the same place ( in Girish’s room). I didn’t know what had happened to me,

I woke up around 7:30 in the morning with a bit of hangover, and in a nervous mood went to my room feeling bad for myself,

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Girish was still sleeping, as soon as I entered my room, Shrushti was awake and she was giving
me a very angry look, but I ignored and said sorry I don’t know when did I fall asleep.
Shrushti replied instantly, Sanika I am not only your senior in office but also elder to you, I would not tolerate such kind of behavior from you,

you are just like my younger sister, she added the last line in a very rude note I hope this kind of mistake should not happen from the next time,

you have your entire career to go and it is never a good mistake.
I put down my head saying sorry and walked towards the loo, I took another nap of an hour.
and woke up at 8:45 am.
While having a shower I found that there were some rashes around my right neck. I was shocked, 1000’s of thoughts were running to my mind. for nearly 10 minutes until Shrushti called saying Sanika we got to go now it’s already 9:30, and I left with them worried about all the thoughts that were running through my mind.

Hey please listen I got some work now, but don’t worry I would continue my story further exactly on next Friday, coz I love sharing about myself.
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