power of patience



Better Decision Making
By learning patience you will become better at making decisions.

You will take time to assess every situation
and will understand
that making rash decisions is never beneficial.
The chances of you making a big mistake will lessen because you will avoid making decisions in haste.

“” Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is “timing” it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way.””

Better Relationships
By becoming more patience you will become more flexible and understanding towards others mistakes and shortcomings. And will be able to build stronger, longer lasting relationships.

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. – John Quincy Adams

I always stress the fact that to truly fix or solve a problem you should first understand it completely. That is why before you learn how to become more patience  you must realize where your current patience level comes from.

Patience is a mindset and it isn’t something which comes overnight. So if you truly desire to become a more patient person be ready to not just work hard but be

You can only develop a patience perspective over a span of time and that it won’t come instantly
Patience can only be built with patience so you have be ready to expand your limits and stretch your comfort zone

For example if you miss your bus don`t focus on the negatives but emphasize the positive things such as you`ll get exercise from walking or that you can enjoy the fresh air. So try to put a positive spin on everything you do; you will find that you will not just reduce tension but you`ll become a much happier person.

Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation. ? Michael Jordan.

4. Change Your Attitude
Most people struggling with patience can never answer this question.

“Why are you in such a hurry?”

Realize the fact that even if something happens a few seconds or even minutes late, nothing will happen. The task will still get done and everything will still work out. Try to keep an open perspective and don’t give yourself useless stress.

  1. A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else. 
  2. Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius. 
  3. It is hard! But what cannot be removed becomes lighter through patience. 
  4. He that can have patience can have what he will. 
  5. I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures. 

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