Experts say that to make the face smooth, soft and wrinkles free, a facial is one of the best options. They say that facial not only removes the dead skin cells but also give the skin helpful nutrients for better growth.

When we talk about facial, there are multiple types of face facial available in the market and one to that category is photo facial.

In this article, we will see what is photo facial?

Photo facial helps to grow the life of the face. No matter what weather it consists of, this facial is perfect for every season.

What is collagen?

Collagen is that protein of our body which helps to keep our skin smooth, soft and glowing. Aging is a natural factor. Which means as we grow older, the proteins of collagen stops growing and we tend towards fine line and wrinkles. After 25 years of age, the collagen starts reducing from our body.

Also, there are many health issues such as stress, depression, tension, unhealthy food, smoking, caffeine, snacks, fatty foods harm our body as well as skin too. With growing age the reduce of collagen makes our skin lose and produces fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is present at every part of the body.

According to researchers, 29 types of collagen have been found. Collagen as provides our body with beautiful skin and if not taken care then tends to fall down and thus results in aging.

The proteins in collagen are helpful for skin, because it helps to fight wrinkles, reduces fine lines. Make the skin in its previous stage, helps to make healthy skin and young.

The procedure of Photo Facial:

Photo facial near takes a 60 minute of duration. Its starting procedure is normal as like other facials from making skin clean and clear. This whole procedure is being done by expert doctors only. This goes with the treatment of IPL means Intense pulsed light which leaves the Jenson light which this IPL emits into the skin which goes at the second layer of the skin and increases the collagen level.

It’s Advantages:

With this treatment, the collagen starts developing 50% which helps to remove the aging problems like fine lines, wrinkles and makes the skin tight and smooth. Also, it increases the skin cells and decreases the other skin problems. This makes the skin even more glowing and shiny which helps to develop the tissues and cells of the skin.



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