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Parachute coconut oil got a plastic cover(STORY)

The Mariwala family started ‘Bombay Oil Industries’ in 1947, and in 1970 it continued its work of low margin. This was the time when Harsh Mariwala joined the company.
A company ‘Shalimar‘ is selling coconut oil in small packages, making it more profitable than ‘Bombay Oil’. Harsh Mariwala wanted to see the success of these small packages themselves, for which they went to the market visit.

He knew that ‘Parachute‘ is considered as a superior product and people are passionate about its aroma-purity. Harsh Mariwala had come back from the market visit and had decided to bring ‘Parachute’ in small packages and reach the common people. It was decided to get rid of tin and to be adopted plastic. Plastic bottles were cheap and attractive. But the company brought it to the fore, before that the market survey before that created a problem.

Because of this, mice traders rejected the idea of ​​plastic bottles. . Harsh Mariwala was told that in the 60s someone started to sell it in plastic packaging, but the rat bottle was crushed. Now the merchants did not want to repeat this mistake.

When Harsh Mariwala’s team examined it, it was known that the bottles were square, the rat would catch them easily and give it to the dogs. It is decided that the bottles will be round, the rat will not be able to catch them. They were also leaked proof but the merchants were not ready. The team looks forward to making an experiment.

In a cage, left round bottles of coconut oil with two rats for two days. Two days later the bottles were safe. It was recorded in the camera and the sales team gave all the evidence to the merchants, then they believed. Parachute coconut oil got a plastic cover and soon it became market leader. In 1990, Bombay Oil became the Consumer Products Division ‘Marcia Limited’.



Parachute coconut oil got a plastic cover(STORY)


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