Need to start it buddy ,the startup

Nishant:- Hi Shalin, wassup bro,howz the new project going.

Shalin:- Dude its going great, I am appointed as the project development chief, everything is falling in the right place now.

Nishant:- Happy for you bhai (brother). You remember the startup idea ‘Jupiter’ we discussed when we were in final year?

Shalin:- Yes Nishu, How can I forget our dream project. We will definitely work for it in near future.

Nishant:- Shalin this is what I wanted to discuss with you, I am quitting my job, its like I am done with it now, finally trying to focus on my own stuff now. And I need my partners help.

Shalin:- We can plan it 5 years later I guess, not at this point of time, I am promoted as a partly COO. I haven’t saved for future, need to give some time.

Nishant:- We will never be ready Shalin, its always now or never, at this time there is issue of future security, later there will be family, kids, their career and it will go on and on till 55. This is the exact right time believe me.

Shalin:- Nishant you are right, its not that I wont agree with you, but what about dad, he wont understand and allow me.

Nishant:- We need to convence him, the market is totally favourable for Jupiter.

And there is no company working with AI in this sector.

Shalin:- Nishu, I am even planning for marrying Kavya this year, she wont allow me doing it either, after all every girl wants a setteled guy.

Nishant:- Listen Shalin it is the right time, and we need to discuss this, how about a beer this evening.?? after office.

Shalin:- Sounds great, but you have a double task, you need to convence me to convence dad and Kavya.

Nishant:- We will pass this step, things only works when odds are not in our favour.

shalin its better to try and fail for some years rather than working for the same boring stuff for years and dying with the regret of not trying.

Shalin:- Bohot hard- bohot hard. No one can win against you in words. So 8:30 hard rock ??


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