My first chat with my matrimonial match

Shaan: Hey!..riya, how r u..?

Riya:-    I  am fine, howz there..??

Shaan:– I am also fine, got your notification you matched in the morning sorry for late text just bit of hectic schedule coz of office wrk jus arrived home.

Riya:- Listen shaan actually its my 1st conversation on the site so please dont mind, I am a less talkative girl.


Shaan:– Its okk riya, you profile shows your simplicity, And even I wanted someone very simply I dont have any experience with the bold girls.

Riya:- But your profile shows you are very cool, before matching you I thought you might be having girlfriends instead of one.


Shaan:-  I wont lie to u riya I do had a past, we even spent 3 yrs together, but at the end things didnt wrkout so we mutually decided to separate. I dont want  to discuss the past though, everyone has some, I like living in present and I suppose my present is with 

Riya:- You are very fast shaan, ya and one thing I didnt had a past. Any ways its a Christmas week howz the celebration there.


Shaan:- Its cool Noida is a great  place we will be hanging out this whole week as mine is a US based company so its a vacation there.

Riya:- Shaan do you drink/ smoke.

Shaan:- To be very true I do, and you must be hating the guyz who drink na..??


Riya:- Yup u r rite I dont like boys who drink and smoke, but no issues if my partner do it occasionally, its a 21st century, but Only ocassionally and I hate smokers.

Shaan:- Hey Riya before we take this story further I would like to let some days pass, so what are your plans this week, as I have leaves and also Chandigarh is not so far, so..??

Riya:- Yup even I think so being frnds in the beginning and to know each other is imp.I can take a leave for a day or 2, just tell me 1 day prior. 

Shaan:-  Sure.

So planning to sleep.?

Riya:- Not really I can talk for some more time, Can I ask something.

Shaan:-  Ya riya for sure..

Riya :- What if any one of us didnt like the other.

Shaan:-  Dont worry even if it happens i wont create an awkward situation, we can still be frnds. But i dont think this will happen.

Riya:- How can you be so sure, 

Shaan:- I am a smart guy I dont think girls would like to miss a guy like me.

Riya:– Hahaha, do you talk to everyone in such a way or am I the special one.

Shaan:You can be the special one.

Riya:- Give some time we are not in hurry, anyways it was nice talking to you time to sleep now good night and take care.

Shaan:– Ooh I just love caring girls.

Riya:- hahaha. byee and good nyt now, and stop surfing your profile…


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