My bff my hair

Twisting, tying, curling, straightening, coloring, highlighting is all what I do to my hairs now a days, There is not a single day when I don’t experiment with my hair, with all the fancy stuff.

All this was not happening earlier when I was in my sweet 16. I was very much worried about my hair and its texture. I have a daily hairfall everytime I put a comb in my hair I used to loose 5-10 strands of my hair. I was worried and even referred some local trichologist ( hairs and scalp specialists). There was no benefit.

But now also my bf Rohan is crazy about my hairstyles.

After all try and error methods I referred one of my friend she enquired a lot about my daily routine, she recommended me to stop using these local hair accessories which I always used and suggested me to use vega hair accessories.

Their bristels were broad and soft at the tip, which never damaged my hair, I also started keeping my scalp moist and put a bun whenever traveling and whenever needed.

I even started using only vega 3 in 1 straightener/curler/crimper instead of those local accessories.

I am so happy and satisfied with those products, everyone compliments me for my hairs now I even recieved mrs. rapunzel in my farewell program by my juniors. I would recommend all of you to use the same brand products after all we all wanna be a Rapunzel in our dreams…

My bff my hair


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