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Hello friends i am your friends and host,Johan

Disappointment is a huge aspect of life that appears more often than not. Everyone handles disappointment differently, but it is up to the individual on how to react to a situation. When things become uncomfortable, we tend to push them away instead of dealing with them. Use these situations to motivate yourself; learn the lessons this downfall taught and figure out how to better approach things in your life.

I will Learned to Process Through My Feelings

I’ve learned it’s really important to process through the simple disappointments It’s the only way I’ve been able to stay hopeful. I’ve also learned to adjust more quickly – which is paramount to my survival. I may have fallen down, but I don’t have to stay down. I am surrounded by a tremendous support system of family and friends and know when it’s time to talk something through, then let it go if possible. If I hang on to the past hurts and disappointments, the only one continually being hurt is me. I get that. Garbage on top of garbage is still just garbage.

Put Things in Perspective”

Take Time for Yourself:

If the disappointment is the result of something pretty big, then by all means take some time for yourself. so you can come back even stronger. It’s also really important to practice positive reinforcement and keep repeating to yourself, “I’m okay….” “all is well…..” ALL IS WELL ” This too shall pass…..” or “I can get through this….” It’s important we do what is necessary to minimize the discouraging mental tapes that play over and over in our head when something from the past comes back to negatively effect our present moment.

Learn to Accept a New Normal – and Trust God:

If the disappointment you’re feeling is the result of something big – like being let go from a job or – then understand it’s going to take some time to adjust to whatever the new normal is for your life. There are things that happen to us that we can neither change nor control.

there’s no hope for a better tomorrow. Accepting a new normal will take some time and should not be rushed. Trust God and be open to new opportunities. Trust God and look for new way/s of doing things. Trust God!

” disappointments are a part of life, but we certainly don’t have to let them define or control us. Personal strength and resiliency are key. ”

.I’ll see you back here next time. Love and peace to all of you on your journey.



learn the lessons For Disappointment


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