Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e wearables.

Samsung has launched its Galaxy Watch Active wearable in India, which is priced at Rs 19,990. The company has also launched Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e wearables. The former will cost you Rs 9,990 and the latter carries a price tag of Rs 2,590, respectively. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is targeted at millennials and Gen Z consumers in the country. It takes a holistic approach to monitor exercise, sleep, stress and health.
“Galaxy Watch Active is a beautifully crafted sports watch that brings stress management and blood pressure monitoring to users.


Xiaomi is celebrating its fifth anniversary in India and it recently announced a new lifestyle product, the Mi Beard Trimmer. However, the company is not done yet as it is the launch of some more devices like a new pair of headphones, a Bluetooth enabled earphones, the Mi Rechargeable LED Lamp, a fast charger . These new devices are mentioned on the company’s website and while the company is secretive about the upcoming earphone, headphone, and the possible charging brick, everyone should aware about Latest Tech News.

3.Google Maps has a new ‘Stay Safer’ feature for India:

Google Maps has launched the ‘Stay Safer’ feature for its users in India. The new feature alerts users traveling in autorickshaws and taxis when their vehicle goes off-route and also shares the live status of the trip with the user’s family and friends. Latest Tech News used by the persons.

In case, taxi or autorickshaw deviates more than 0.5 kms from the suggested route of Google Maps it will alert the user immediately on the app. The feature is available on all Android smartphones through the latest update of Google Maps.

How to activate the ‘Stay Safer’ feature?
Users can activate this new feature once they have searched their destination and got the directions to it at the starting of their trip. After this, they will be able to activate this by selecting ‘Stay Safer’ and ‘Get off-route alerts’ options.

4.Apple Watch Series 4: Working hard to bring ECG to India, says VP of Health

The most talked about feature in the Apple Watch Series 4 was its ability to allow users to get an electrocardiogram (ECG) directly from their wrist. Though available in the US and other locations, India is yet to get the feature. But Apple is working with regulators to introduce the ECG feature to Apple Watch Series 4 watches in India.

5. Apple iOS 13 public beta released alongside iPadOS, MacOS Catalina: New features, how to install.


A week after the release of iOS 13 developer beta 2, Apple has released the first public beta of iOS 13 along with iPadOS and MacOS Catalina. Originally announced to release in July, the iOS 13 public beta is now available via Apple’s beta website and those who are interested in testing out the early release can download it on their devices..”

Apple iOS 13 public beta new features

The new software includes a number of updates and improvements including the addition of Dark Mode, new Reminders app, Memoji enhancements, a new Photo app, a redesigned volume HUD and more. The iOS 13 also brings the ‘Sign in with Apple’ feature, a new privacy tool that uses Apple ID, instead of the email address to verify a user’s credentials.


Latest Tech News


Latest Tech News

Latest Tech News


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