How to Protect Yourself to struck down by a hot-wind in summer

We often avoid roaming in summer, still, we have to head towards work and school and other daily job purposes from our home.

But before leaving from home in such a hard sun-rays which affects your skin and we often face the disease called sun struck which is caused by the hot wind which flows in summer.   

Here in this article, I am going to illustrate you with some of the amazing home and profitable, non-chargeable remedies to protect yourself from getting sun-struck.

  • If you got sun struck than peel an onion and take out its juice, rub that juice on ears and chest it will help you to get a better result.
  • Ocimum Tenuiflorum also called as holy leaf (Tulasi) when you squeeze the juice of this leaf and mixed it with sugar and have it, your sun-struck is going to cure soon.
  • Drinking tamarind water protects you from sunstruck.
  • Drinking water from mud pot also beneficial to protect you from hot-wind in summers.
  • Having an onion in your lunch and dinner protects you from sunstruck.
  • Mulberry either black, green or red is also best suited which protects you from sunstruck.
  • Lemon tea, lemon water with basil leaf is a good home remedy to protect you from hot wind in summer.
  • Put a slice of ginger and lemon in your water bottle and then drink that water to protect yourself from hot wind.
  • Coconut water is rich in mineral and fibers also it helps to keep you hydrated. Coconut water, watermelon is a rich source to keep hydrated in summer and thus helps to get rid of sunstruck.
  • Green Mango juice is also beneficial in summers to keep your body hydrated. If you are feeling dehydrated, feeling like wants to drink a lot of water time and again, sweating all time, at such situation take some green mangoes, boil it, peel the skin of the mangoes, squish it roughly take out all the juice and raw than mix it with black salt, a pinch of sugar, jaggery, cumin, cilantro powder. Mix it well with water and, have this green mango juice to protect yourself in summer from hot wind.
  • While going out at day time in summer make sure you were wearing cotton material dresses to protect yourself and your skin from ultra sun rays. Also, do not forget to apply good sun-protection lotions all over your hands, face, and legs.
  • Wearing a good sun protection sunglasses protects your eye from direct contact with the sun and pollution.
  • To keep your body hydrated always try to drink at least 12-14 glasses of water every day.
  • Try avoiding drinking too much caffeine and tea during summers.
  • Make yourself in contact with cool atmosphere and if your job profile is kind of sales and traveling than try above tips which were home remedies. It will for sure going to help you.


Above listed points are the basic home remedies which not even charge you much because everything to get it from your kitchen. These above-listed points will help you to protect yourself from sun-stroke, sun-struck, hot-wind in summers.



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