Healthy living

Healthy living after 60

As we grow older, there are things which one should take care of just for there betterment. Such as taking care of health, diet, exercise and so on.

As people tend towards age as they grow old, one often come in contact with many health issues. The only possible way to come out from such a situation is to change the way of living. Living includes your diet, exercise, and so forth. After crossing 60 people should follow and focus on their diet plan. So that it does not cause health issues. Actually after crossing 60 the health issues if causes then it takes time to get rid out of it. Or even one cannot be able to get rid of it. Hence it is important to know what to expect at 60 years of age and what all diet-related tips one should know in order to follow.


What one should eat?

As one grows older, than it is recommended that taking a meal on a small amount but 3 to 4 times a day is beneficial.

Constipation is one of the common problems at this age, to protect from it one should start taking fiber-rich sources. This helps to fight from constipation.

Include salad in your diet. Eating an apple along with its skin is much beneficial. If one gets a problem of chewing a carrot or an apple than take its juice or eat in a small slice of pieces.

Include pulses and other whole wheat and grain flour in your diet.

Include green leafy vegetables, juice, and fruits in your diet.

Vitamin C fruits like Amla, lemon, tomato, banana, grapes, Chickoo, and other sour fruits should be taken in a prior time period.

As one grows older, bones tend to become weak and create many health issues. In such a situation start intake of calcium-rich sources like curd, fish, paneer, Soya milk, milk, egg, and other dietary products.

Start a day with a bowl of salad, one can take sprouts which is one of the best options. Juice, tomato soup, coconut water, watermelon, etc.,

What not to eat?

Polished grains, pulses, white flour, noodles, potato, these were the thing which one, especially during the night, should not consume.

Oily and deep oiled foods should not be taken. It will increase the cholesterol level.

Also, at this age avoid taking too much sugar and salt intake.


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