1.Always Carry Your Umbrellas And Raincoats.

Ensure you have a hooded raincoat and waterproof monsoon shoes.

So wear raincoats and try to cover as much body as possible. Some people wear only upper part of the jacket. This allows the dirty water to touch their pants, pajamas, and jeans. Wearing rain boots are also useful. Wearing slippers or open sandals will keep a large part of your feet exposed to harmful bacteria and viruses. There are many Health Tips Of Rain Season.

2. Wash your hands frequently.

Your hands generally touch a thousand things while being outside. You can contact harmful bacteria when you touch infected seats in bus or trains, or just while shaking hands with someone. So washing hands with warm water and soap is advisable frequently.

3. Avoid walking in the rain.

As much as it is tempting, walking in rain water makes you of viral diseases such as leptospirosis and can also cause numerous fungal infections at the feet and nails.

4. Avoid unhealthy snacks.

Avoid consuming snacks that may be unhygienic, because they may cause food poisoning or other digestive problems.
The highly humid monsoon weather tends to cause our digestion process to slow down, which can cause problems like bloating, gas, acidity and indigestion.

5. Consume foods with high fiber.

High-fiber foods can help to get stronger immune system and protect the body from flu and digestive infections.

6.  Avoid outside food

7 .Do not wear tight clothing.


Health Tips Of Rain Season


Health Tips Of Rain Season

Health Tips Of Rain Season


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