“Future Flights”

Curtiss Autoplane which was made in 1971 is considered as World’s first flying car. But now with new technologies and with the help of Artificial Intelligence, there are many companies which are offering us new Airplane technology and Aircraft.

Let us know some detailed information about Future Flights.

1. AeroMobil:

Designed by Stefan Klein, AeroMobil is a unique combination of car and airplane, this Airplane technology has a stylish look with features including the latest version 5.0 is capable of short take-off and vertical take off. AeroMobil average speed is 360 km per hour and airspeed is of 750km per hour. It costs up to 1.2 Million dollars, by the end of this ear its purchasing units is around 500.

The plan for controlling the traffic is being planned with the help of AeroMobil. There are other facilities made available for people in this future flight.

2. Samson Switchblade:

Designed by Sam Bousfield, a three-wheeled motorcycle type vehicle with forwarding retracting wings. It comes with features of the two-seater with side by side configuration. The weight of this invention is near around 800 kilograms. Its maximum airspeed is around 321km per hour. The price of this vehicle is between 120,000 to 140,000$ BlackFly By Opener:


3. Exo Suit By Gravity Industries:

Designed by Richard Browning, it is an Iron-Man type suit. It is made up of composite material. It is capable of generating 1000 horsepower, but its speed is fixed to 10km per hour. The suit was sold at 250,000$. This type of suits was going to be designed soon. The 3D-printed suit weighs 27kg and uses five kerosene-fuelled micro gas turbines, two attached to each arm and one at the back.


4. Cora & The flyer By Kitty Hawk:

Designed by Larry Page, Cora was designed with the planet in mind from day one.  It’s a pilotless car which at the beginning can fly at a speed of 32 km per hour. It can fly 10 feet above the surface, it is a Joystick control vehicle, it’s a two-seat pilotless plane.

If we talk about Flyer it is being said that it’s going to cover the 100 miles per hour or 160km per hour distance. It is going to get ready in the future after 5 years in the market.

5. AirQuad One:

Designed by Neva Aerospace, it’s a small electric powered flying car. It can near around takes a fly of 30 km per hour for the next 30 minutes. Its release date is still not declared, it can be used for personal transport, outdoor flights, and extreme sports. It is helpful to cover the short distance in an easy way.

6. Volocopter:

Designed by Stephen Wolf and Alexander Zosel, this helicopter consists of 18 electric motors. Its range is up to 27km. The Volocopter VC2 is a German single-place experimental electric multirotor helicopter.

7. Vahana:

Designed by Airbus, fully electric and a single sitter vehicle. It is self-piloted VTOL is being designed with Airbus silicon valley unit.

8. Lilium Jet:

Many different subscale aircraft were tested first, and different design variants were studied where the wings would fold forward so that the aircraft could be driven as a VTOL and recharge in only a few hours from a standard 240 V electrical outlet.


These were the 8 future flights which we are going to see in the future with there advantages and usage.

There are very much Future Airplane Technologies.

Future Airplane Technologies


Future Airplane Technologies

Future Airplane Technologies


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