Famous Inventions

There are plenty of creations and inventions made in the world. Some of the amazing facts about these inventions are listed down. Check it out!

1. Concrete (1824)

Joseph Aspdin developed hydraulic cement, which used a mix of limestone, clay and aggregate.

2. E-Mail (1971)

Ray Tomlinson (US) developed the first electronic communication message. The email was sent between the two computers on same network.

3. Morse Code (1836) 

Samuel Morse (US) developed a system of dots and dashes to help sent telegraphs over long distance wire.

4. Printing Press (1450)

The first printing press was designed by Johannes Gutenberg in Germany. The printing press play a key role in the reformation of Martin Luther- as pamphlets and books were mass produced for the first time showing the power of the printing presses.

5. Internet (1982) 

The first internet protocol was established in 1922. In 1995, the internet was de-cumercialised. In 1990, Tim Berners Lee developed the world wide the first internet web browser.

6. Motor Car (1886)

Carl Benz (Germany) is credited with the first patent for the first motor car with petrol combustion engine. Many similar designs were developed around the same time.

I hope this article helps to gain your general knowledge. I know this is a little comparing whole GK but still, I have provided you with the selective one’s.



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