Tobacco is something that people put into their bodies habitually. . tobacco can also exacerbate arthritis and make it more difficult to treat.

Tobacco is also known to bones, degrade joints, and connective tissue. Not only does smoking cause painful symptoms, it makes treatment for arthritis less effective and it can create additional complications if you ever need surgery. tobacco injures every part of your body that it touches.


2. Salt

Salt is a critical nutrient . it plays a huge role in regulating kidney function and blood pressure. But it is very easy to get too much due to the crazy high levels found in processed foods. Even sweet foods contain a ton of salt.

Chronic overconsumption of salt has been linked to a higher risk of stomach cancer, as well as dangerously high blood pressure.
It also tends to inflame joints and spark arthritis pain.

3.Refined Carbs.

Refined grains have been processed so heavily that pretty much all of the health value of the original whole grain is destroyed. That means that eating products like white bread, flour tortillas, delivers a blast of carbs that immediately break down to sugar in your system. This increases the cytokines and other pro-inflammatory compounds in your bloodstream, leading to arthritis pain.

Sugar is also cancer’s favorite food, so having a chronically high blood sugar level can make it easier for cancer to spread.

4.Hydrogenated Oils.

hydrogenated oils comes from their hefty level of omega 6 fatty acids.

We do need some omega-6 in our diet to facilitate healthy growth and development. However, the goal is to achieve the right balance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. We don’t need nearly as much omega-6, yet we tend to get more of it.

Hydrogenated oils appear in most commercially baked cookies, cakes, breads. Almost all processed foods contain at least a little bit of it. At home, you can rely on healthier olive, soy, or canola oil. Because too much omega-6 has been linked to both cancer and arthritis,


Foods to avoid for cancer and arthritis


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