Points To Remember Before Blogging For Beginners

Writing is one of the interesting and fun loving activity for those who love writing, reading, exploring, research. We often came up with the information that there are people whose area of interest lies in writing. In short, we can name it as Blogging. Blogging is the word that defines your creativity, your fun towards writing, research and reading. 

I am also a writer and a blogger, so I can understand it well. If you are new in the blogging field or want to start your career as a Blogger, and you do not have such platform then here in this blog I am going to show you with some of the awesome steps that one should remember before start writing a blog.

This blog is also for those beginners who want to start writing a blog. There are thousands and millions of blogs out there but to make a mark in a viewers mind it is up to these following points to remember, without delaying much, let’s get started:

  1. Write about Yourself:

 For a beginner, it is essential and suggested that when you are starting a blog then your first blog should be about yourself. As I wrote my blog #MFB and you can check out how I wrote my first blog. Your first blog which tells about yourself catches users attention, it should be unique, simple yet creative. Writing a blog defines your personality as well so it is important to remember that when you are writing, write in such a way that you are telling your story to your audience. It attracts more audience. there are many Blogging Tips For Beginners.

  1. Know in detail about Blogging, its significance:

It is important to know that blogging is the platform which allows you to share your story, information with the world. Your creativity, your simplicity, and unique blogs defines your personality. Writing more and more become much fun for you and it will somehow create interest in you to write more and more. Choose a proper platform which provides your career a good height. I chose PLUCKINFO.COM because this website gave me an opportunity to blog and earn. It gives the opportunity to those bloggers and beginners who love to explore their blogging skills.

Blogs help in making money it is up to you that how you choose a blogging platform, either you can opt for writing designation in a prior organization or you can blog from home as well. Blogging is such a wonderful platform where one can earn from home as well. Every Blogger should understand Blogging Tips For Beginners.

Blogging helps you to share your story with the outside world, allows you to connect with the audience, users, visitors, viewers, etc., it is as simple as writing a diary daily.

Blogging helps in your business growth depends upon how you take it. Blogging is an interactive platform where you can interact with the people, make the relationship with them, they connect with you through like, comment, feedback.

  1. Do not Copy and Paste:

For any new beginner, it is important to know that while you are writing on some particular stuff or product or an object, do not copy or paste. Copying and pasting make your blog falls down in the Google search engine. Writing your own stuff in your own words is much beneficial than copy paste. If you write it in your own words which are real and original, it will make more visitors.

  1. Creative:

A creative blog catches user attention. It is found and suggested that having a creative blog will catch more user’s attention. How can you make your blog more creative?

Here is the answer, make your heading bold, give it a different color, one can even use different editing options that a site provides while publishing your blog. For example, you can visit my first blog which I shown in above paragraph, #MFB.

Insert images accordingly, it is often said that images speak more than words. Your blog images should be pixel perfect, catchy, and unique so that it grabs a user’s attention. 

You can also make your contents with different color options, design it, create it and you are done.

  1. Social Media:

Social media is one of the amazing platforms which helps you to share your stuff with the people over the world. Once you made your blog online and publish it, it is essential that you keep posting your blogs with your friends, people through various social media platforms like Whatsup, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on.

 Social media sharing and posting of your blog help to make good traffic which leads to more rankings and you can earn more with the help of social media. Social media also creates some kind of interest in a beginner and a blogger that it leads them to write more and explore more.


I hope this blog will help and clear your doubts, for more detail you can visit PLUCKINFO.COM, I had uploaded a video which is in Hindi, it helps you to make your blog online and publish.


Blogging Tips For Beginners


Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging Tips For Beginners


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