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Bitter talk

A King had a strange dream in the night. In the dream, the king saw that all the leaves of a tree are falling in the royal garden. Just on a leaf tree, all the other leaves fell from the tree. When morning came, the king remembered this dream and wondered what the meaning of this dream was. He told an astrologer in his court a complete dream and told him to tell me the meaning.

Astrologer said that the meaning of this dream is straight and clear. According to this dream, the death of your family will be before you. The king became angry when he heard this and gave death to astrologer. Then another astrologer sitting in the court lifted up and said that Maharaj, I tell you the meaning of this dream. The king said that is fine.

The second astrologer said that Maharaj, this dream means that you will live for the longest time in your family. The king was pleased to hear about his longevity. He wanted to reward the astrologer and said that you can ask anything.
Astrologer said that you forgive my companion, Maharaj. We both have said the same thing, just the difference of words. My partner talked about the death of your family and I am your longevity. Both things mean the same. The king understood this point and he first forgave the astrologer.

This story is moral

Because of the bitter things, we always get entangled in problems, so to speak a serious thing, we should use words that do not hurt others…..!


Bitter talk


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