Before our Bangkok’s bachelors tour

Rahul:-  Hey Sheena finally its done..!!!

Sheena:- Ya Rahul finally we are getting married this November.

Rahul:- I was talking about my Bachelors tour.

Sheena:- You are excited about your bachelors tour but not our marriage Rahul? How can you do this, is it so you are not interested in me now, it took us 2yrs to convence our families. And I feel like you are not excited now. 

Rahul:- Sheena its not like that, you try to understand baby, we have discussed abt our ceremonies this whole week, I told you na that day we are looking for the bachelors destination but havent decided yet and booked anything. 

So we did it, finalized everything booked flights, hotels,etc. I was with Shreyas and Shantanu for whole day so that’s why I was thinking abt it, and mentioned this.

Sheena:- Ok ok no need to explain a lot, anyways which place are you and your so called friends going.

Rahul:-  Sheena stop talking in this way you know they are my best friends, they have always helped me in my difficulties.

We are going to Bangkok – Pataya this August somewhere around friendship day.

After 10 Minutes.

Rahul:-  Are you there..?? Sheena you are not receiving my call.

You slept or what, why are you not replying baby.

After some more time.

Sheena:-  listen Rahul Bangkok and Pataya are not destination for decent peoples, and I know you must have not picked this destination it is definitely Shreyas. I even talked to dada( elder brother)about this place, he also said its not a good place. You better change your destination there’s no point in going there, I know why you all guys are going there.

Dont make me fool you are not going there or else than I am joining you guys.

Rahul:- Listen Sheena all our tickets are non-refundable its just a 4 days tour we have planned a lot for this, please avoid the place now if I had some chance I would have definitely changed the place.

Sheena:-  No Rahul dada has strictly said Bangkok is not a good place and he has been there twice, on his friends bachelors he asked me to cancel that place if possible. And whats the problem only your tickets money will be charged we will ask for atleast 50% refunds.

Rahul:- I am not going alone we 3 are going together, and what’s the problem when you dada has been there twice did he cancelled his tour on the 2nd time, and why is he taking our decisions. And even if I tried canelling entire bill is on me as its my bachelors and tour is on me.

Sheena:- Are you out of your mind Rahul, you just burned your lakhs of rupees, and when my dad asked your dad to bear the expenses of reception function he said we will bear it equally, and now their son has the money to spend on his friends, where did Shantanu took you in his bachelors on that some hill station. And why can’t dada take our decisions, did I said anything when your dii canceld that marriage hall which my family suggested.

Rahul:-  Stop it Sheena that place is not hill station its Leh Ladak. And we cancelled that marriage hall coz they dont have enough rooms.  And dad was right he supported every function with 50-50 expenses

Sheena:-  You better cancel the tour or else you will face the results.

Rahul:-  listen Sheena its always been this way you r always very dominating, it will continue to happen even if I wouldn’t control it now, its final we are going, I wont cancel my tour.

Meanwhile Sheena recieves call from dada.

Dada:-  Sheena I have talked to them the place they will be staying is good and safe let them go.

Sheena:- Rahul, dada just said you all can go, I am sorry you all can go and please come soon.

Sheena:-  Rahul are you there, why are you not replying

Please reply to me, Rahul you are even not recieving my calls.

 After 15 mins.  Listen to me Rahul….. Rahul are you there please reply Rahul……..

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