Airbrush Makeup

Get the spotless beauty with Airbrush makeup


As the technology is changing whether it’s about security, mobile devices with new features and updates, and other mechanical devices which is making the human efforts less, there is a change in the fashion world as well, whether about hair dryer electronic machine, hair straightening machine, same with makeup also.

The world of fashion is also changing as with the technology, yes, we are talking about airbrush makeup. It is a kind of gun look like of machine which is helpful to do makeup with a short time period and saves human efforts.

The nasal tip of this gun spreads the makeup products of your choice. The makeup which is done with the help of airbrush looks more natural and stunning.

How to do it?

Airbrush makeup kit contains many types of makeup products. This brush hose is connected with a compressor whose other end is connected at the frontend of the airbrush. When the airbrush is being triggered than the mix of the products comes out from this brush and is being applied on the face.

Airbrush compressor can be kept in a low or medium mode. If you are using it the first time then put the mode in low. The airbrush should be kept 6 to 10 inch far from the face.

To apply foundation on the face rotate the brush in a circular motion and apply equally on both sides of the face. At starting instead of watching that it is applied equally on both sides of the face, instead, check that is it matching the skin tone or not.

While applying the concealer through the airbrush, start from the jawline and go upwards, sprinkle a few drops of concealer on your face with this airbrush and then with the help of brush spread all over the face. Also, spray lightly below to upwards on the nose area.

Before applying concealer apply a single layer, spray at the forehead and neck with a distance of 10 inches from the skin.

For highlighting, choose 1 or 2 point light foundation. Sprinkle 4 to 6 drops and spread with the help of airbrush from chin bone towards the hairline.

To define the jawline, spray highlighter on the chin. For brushing take proper care while spraying brush on the cheeks.


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