A deep conversation with the dear ones

Aditya:-  Shruti it has been entire month, we haven’t meet and havent talked even for few minutes. Y are you doing this, did I do something wrong.

Shruti:- No Adi.! Its not about mistake I myself needed some time, some space, its like my mood swings every now and then, I am sorry for what I am doing but I really need some more time, I know its not the right way, but I am not feeling comfortable with you any more, we have started fighting over small small topics, there is no  such spark left between us to keep the relationship alive, its a tough decision but give me sometime if things work I will definitely not take a backstep.

Aditya:- listen Shruti I know the relationship is going in a bad phase but giving it a full stop can never be the solution.

Shruti:- I know adi you are very matured, everyone among my frnds also say so. Do you think I am a great choice for you. My mood swings and you very well know that, I had even cancelled our previous tours coz of that.

Aditya:- Can I ask you something.

Shruti:- yeah sure.

Aditya:- I talked this evening to your younger sister Shreya, she was saying you  family is looking a boy for you. Is it true.

Shruti:- Ya adi its true mom and dad are forcing me they even shortlisted some boys but I didint said yes for anyone. Adi I need your help please last time as a best friend can you guide me. I do like you but I am still confused whether I can be a good partner or not, you are far better than me.

Aditya:- Dear I can help you in every situation, its not about you can be good or not whether I can clear your doubts and remind you of the thing that we make a perfect couple.

Shruti:- We need to talk, I have created this mess, and I need to clear it before things get worst between us. Can you please come to Pune this weekend. I need you.

Aditya:- Ya Shruti I will be there make sure you take a good time out so that we can spend some time together. And now please dont worry take a good night sleep. And please stop looking for those matrimonial guyz.

Shruti:- Yeah sure adi, I wasnt and I wont, you please come fast its all 3days for weekend

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