7 health benefits of Drumsticks

Health benefits of Drumsticks

Drumsticks might be loved by its taste but do you really know that from its root till leaves and flowers it is full of nutrients. It is true, I will tell you here in this article the benefits of drumsticks.

  1. Take 50 gram of drumsticks leaves and make a paste out of it, take it with lunch or dinner, it will help help to take out all the toxins from stomachs. For making a paste, grind the leaves add salt as per the taste add a pinch of chilly powder and then cook this mixture in a hot pan by adding oil. The intake of this paste twice a week is very much beneficial.


  1. Drumsticks roots are hard and bitter in taste but it is very much beneficial for the lungs. It helps to take out the cough.



  1. Drumsticks roots are helpful for Urine related issues as well. If your urine is taking out a much amount of Uria then at such time take out the juice from drumsticks leaves and add a juice of carrot and cucumber and take this mixture, it will benefit within a minute.


  1. The root juice of drumsticks will help in many skin diseases. It helps for skin patches, itching, and other skin related issues.



  1. Drumsticks leave juice is found helpful in TB, bronchitis, and Asthma. To make it taste better, add lemon juice, black pepper, and raw black salt. This vegetable is considered as one of the best digestion vegetables.
  2. Fresh leaves juice mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 glass of coconut water. Take this juice to fight from cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, jaundice, colitis. This is beneficial to fight from all these diseases.


  1. The drumstick leaves also helpful in mouth ulcer. This is also helpful in skin aging and helps to fight lethargy.




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