5 style tips for man

  • You shouldn’t have a gap between your pants and your shoes.


  • Know that a man’s clothing should accentuate his body shape. The better your form, the better your clothes will look. However, if you’re overweight or a bigger man, you do have one advantage: Considerably less tailoring to slim your attire down.

  • a good-looking watch will always help upgrade your style. Look for a unique watch that represents your style and one that can be a conversation starter. For summers, you can opt for lightweight watches in classic designs.

Shoes & Sneakers

  • Shoes are crucial to men’s casual fashion–they can tie a whole outfit together.During the summer, adidas are great for a smart casual look–they show off a clean look.
    Adidas work great with a business casual style and translate well to a night out.
    There are lots of style of boots but a pair of leather or suede chukkas or desert boots is as versatile as it gets.


  • When it comes to pocket squares, don’t match exact colors. For example, avoid pairing a navy pocket square with a navy suit. Aim to add a distinctive contrast between the two.
    You can do with colors including yellow, white burgundy, and so on.

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